I found this while going through some boxes of parts last weekend:

I can remember using this as a kid, first learning about electronics. My main memory though is how easy it was for the plugs to break off the probe leads. None of this fancy flexible wire that we have today, the leads are quite stiff so there’s a lot of force on the solder joins. I can remember how this used to upset my grandfather but how much I used to love watching him solder them back together.

Sure enough, I opened the box and one of the leads was broken.

Easily fixed though!

Inside, it’s a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I don’t really have a feel for how old it is? 1960s? I can’t find anything like those resistors on image search.

And it still works too! The current and voltage measurements are good, the resistance measurement struggled a bit because the calibration pot has seen better days. Photo below is 5.00V from the bench supply.

My grandfather “Jungle” (1916–2008) taught me so many things — how to be curious about the world, the important of patience and temperament, and also that having lots of interests and hobbies is super fun!